In addition to its many advantages, Turbidex mineral is generally used as a filter media for suspended solids removal. Its angular structure and irregular surface offers a high filtration area and thus has a filtration sensitivity up to 20-40 microns. The backwash requirement is low, thus providing long filtration times. Thanks to its large and irregular surface, the formation of the filter cake, which is formed in the top layer of classical filter sand, is prevented and longer filtration times are obtained. Despite the lack of iron removal mineral, oxidized iron in raw water can be kept due to the structure of Turbidex. The pre-oxidation process can be roughly aeration, ozonation or chlorination.

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Benefits: 1. Low backwash flow and pressure requirement due to its light weight, 2. low differential pressure formation, 3. Ability to work at high pollution load 4. High filtration rate.

Turbidex can be used as a medium layer mineral in multi media – multi layer filters as well as in pressurized or slow sand filters alone.

Important Note: 100% or more efficiency can be obtained by replacing the sand in existing filters with Turbidex.

In the first commissioning, it should be soaked in water overnight before performing backwash.

It is used in many areas such as feed additive, fertilizer additive, water treatment and paper making.

Turbidex is the only mineral in the world that can hold ammonia and heavy metals. Cages of 4Aº size work like Chemical – Biological and Molecular Sieves and exchange Cation and Ion.

Application of Turbidex in filtration of Swimming Pools

We know that sand or quartz has been used in filters for years. The first thing that will attract our attention commercially is that Turbidex is 3/4 lighter than quartz. In short, 15kg Turbidex will be sufficient instead of 20kg quartz.


  • It provides softer water than other filters and prevents burning in the eyes.
  • It completely eliminates algae and prevents it from forming.
  • They absorb ammonia and nitrogen, which reach the pool through sunscreen, body dirt and similar ways.
  • It keeps the pH of the water at 7.3 level.
  • It provides savings by prolonging the effect of chloramine.
  • It can be used again and again. At the end of 1-2 years, you can reuse every 15kg of Trubidex by washing with 1kg of salt.
  • Turbidex is a very good heavy metal scavenger reducing the use of additional chemicals.
  • Reduces backwash rate.
  • It reduces the heating cost.
  • It lasts longer than sand and is cheaper.


Wide range pH, NSF certified, maximum 60 degrees, 60 – 90 cm bed height, service flow can be 5 gpm / ft2 or more depending on local situation, reverse wash flow: 8 – 10 gpm / ft2.


Color: Gray – White

Density: 2.6 lbs /ft3

Specific Weight: 2,25 g /cm3

Size: 12 x 30 mesh

Effective Size: 0.67 mm