Industrial Ozone Generator TKZ-M Series

Industrial Ozone Generator TKZ-M Series

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TKZ-M SERIES ozone generators are preferred at points that require high capacity application. The device is completely made of CrNi material and performs ozone production in plate type technology. The device has models with internal or external oxygen supply. In internal oxygen powered models, the system provides oxygen production with an oxygen generator. All air entering the system is saved by special drying systems.

All controls are provided electronically with 128 * 240 size LCD screen and membrane switch keypads.
The device is protected by user and service passwords for use by authorized people.

In the system, it is possible to see the internal temperature of the cabin, the mains voltage, the operating status of the units, the electrical control, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical failure status, optionally from the parts per million (P.P.M.) unit in air or liquid.

It is possible to operate the units of the device as 25gr / hr and its multiples separately or as a whole, to notify the fault signals to the remote point and to enable / stop the device from the remote point.

Because the system is plate type, the ozone reactor section is covered by a 5-year / 15,000-hour warranty.