Industrial Ozone Generator TKZ-H Series

Industrial Ozone Generator TKZ-H Series

Ozone gas oxidation is very high and is the most powerful disinfectant known and it has been used widely in recent years because it does not leave any harmful residue to the human body compared to other disinfection methods. Ozone gas is much stronger than other disinfectant methods. Ozone has a destructive effect for all known viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold varieties by breaking down the cell walls of organisms.

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TKZ-H SERIES is designed to be used at the points where air application will be made. The entire device is made of CrNi material. It realizes ozone production in plate type technology.

TKZ-H series ozone generators produce oxygen with built-in oxygen generator. The first air inlet provides access to the system by cleaning with pall filters in the range of 0.5 micron and drying with air dryer. The device is protected with a chec valve and CrNi electric valve to prevent damage to the system due to user error or external liquids or similar substances at the ozone outlet.

LCD display informing the working hours and the user in case of malfunction on the control panel of the device. On-off breaker, normal, ozone and malfunction light, digital thermostat showing the inside temperature of the cabin, digital thermostat showing the mains voltage, digital voltmeter showing the mains voltage, flowmeter to adjust the output air flow. .

Since the system is Plate (plate type),  ozone reactor section is under 5 years / 15.000 hours warranty.