By neutralizing free carbon dioxide in the water, Corosex improves acidic water, making it less corrosive.

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Corosex, a highly reactive magnesium oxide, can be used effectively where pH increasing is important and where high flow is used. pH improvement and media consumption are affected by a number of water chemical variables. Corosex, which is acid-soluble, will slowly dissolve and needs to be renewed periodically.

Considering by weight, magnesium oxide can remove five times more acidity than that of calcium carbonate. This results in substantially less chemical use for the same proportion of pH improvement. Attention please; In certain situations where the flow rate is low, Corosex can overheat, creating high pH.

Under certain hardness conditions, pH improvement causes the hardness mineral to be thrown out of solution, resulting in the concrete or solidification of the Corosex mineral bed. Upstream service is generally recommended at hardness exceeding five particles per gallon. (Always use an in-line filter in front of an upstream system to prevent clogging of the lower distribution strainer.) Corosex can be effectively mixed with Calcite to combine Corosex’s high-flow neutralization with calcite’s slow-reacting low flow. This reduces potentially high baseline values ​​resulting from over-improvement.