• Description


Anthracite coal, which was started to be used as a filtration mineral in the early 20th century, is produced in various sizes, uniform coefficient and hardness. Due to its angled shape, less backwashing is required compared to filter sand. The backwash flow is therefore lower.

Since it has a very low density, it acts as the top layer of multilayer filters.



Color: Black

Density: 50 lbs / ft3
Diameter: 0.6 – 2 mm
Uniform Coefficient: Less than 1.7
Mesh Size: ranges from 14 x 30 to 4 x 12

Specific Weight: 1.6 gr /cm3



  • The bed height should be 60 cm – 76 cm (single media filter), 25 – 46 cm (with multiple media filters). The service flow rate can be 5 gpm / ft2 or higher depending on local conditions,  the backwash flow rate of anthracite 12 and 25 gpm / ft2 in anthracite 1 and an air backwash option in anthracite 2 must also be added.


  • Filtration systems (for suspended solids treatment)
  • Surface and well waters
  • Water added with coagulant
  • To activated carbon filters, ion exchange systems
  • As pretreatment to reverse osmosis membranes
  • Swimming pool waters
  • Condensate waters (Important: There should be no silica release to the water.)
  • Waste water
  • Iron oxide-containing (recycled) waters.