Chemicals and Minerals

  • Turbidex

    In addition to its many advantages, Turbidex mineral is generally used as a filter media for suspended solids removal. Its angular structure and irregular surface offers a high filtration area and thus has a filtration sensitivity up to 20-40 microns. The backwash requirement is low, thus providing long filtration times. Thanks to its large and irregular surface, the formation of the filter cake, which is formed in the top layer of classical filter sand, is prevented and longer filtration times are obtained. Despite the lack of iron removal mineral, oxidized iron in raw water can be kept due to the structure of Turbidex. The pre-oxidation process can be roughly aeration, ozonation or chlorination.

  • Birm

    Birm is a filtration media and is generally used for removal of iron and manganese compounds. It is an efficient and economical granular media. It can be used in pressure filters as well as in slow sand filters. Birm media increase the reaction of iron compounds with dissolved oxygen in water, such as a catalyst. Due to the excess of dissolved iron free carbon dioxide in groundwater, it is usually in the form of ferrous bicarbonate and cannot be filtered.

    Birm media converts Fe + 2 to Fe +3 form with dissolved oxygen in water as catalyst, and the formed ferric hydroxide can precipitate and be easily filtered.Due to the physical properties of the Birm media, the compounds that precipitate by simply backwashing with water can be easily removed. At the same time, it provides a great economic advantage compared to other media because it is not dissolved in water or consumed during iron removal.

  • Activated Carbon (Coal-Based)

    Activated Carbon; It is the most effective method to remove chlorine, sediments and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water.

  • Activated Carbon (Coconut Shell)

    For water and wastewater treatment applications.

  • Organosorb 15-CO

    ORGANOSORB 15-CO is a granular activated carbon made from coconut shell used to remove chlorine or dehydrate organic solvents and scented compounds.

  • Indion Resin

    INDION 222 NaF is a strong acidic cation exchanger resin containing sulfonic acid groups. It is specially designed for the purification of water used in food, beverage, potable water and food processing.

  • Dolamite

    It is a mineral sensitive granule with Dolomite calcium carbonate content.