We provide services by selecting and projecting the products desired by the customer With our expert staff.


We provide services for your business or facility after the installation or post-installation service in line with the wishes of our customers.

Technical Service Maintenance Service

We provide monthly or annual maintenance services for water treatment systems in your business with our expert technical staff.

Installation and Assembly

We provide the post-assembly usage training for the systems to work properly by performing the assembly of system buyed by our customers by our expert team.

Project and Technical Specifications

In line with the demands of our customers, the creation of the systems and technical specifications required by the company can be done by our company.

Turnkey Treatment Plants

We provide services for the installation, automation and commissioning of the systems required for the facility or business, according to the capacity of the enterprise in line with the needs of our customers.

Material Supply and Spare Parts

Spare parts for all water treatment systems installed in your facility and all treatment systems related to treatment are provided.